RADIUSdesk Images

  • Everything is FULLY Open Source.
  • There are NO LIMIT on the amount devices you manage with MESHdesk and APdesk.
  • There are NO LIMIT on the amount of instances you can run.
  • The images and code is FULLY UNDER YOUR CONTROL.
    • Ideal for Air gap / disconnected networks.
  • Default username and password
    • Raspberry Pi4 Shell Access - system / stayout
    • VirtualBox Shell Access - system / admin
    • Web GUI - root / admin
Image For Link MD5 Sum
Raspberry Pi4 MESHdesk-Pi4-15-JAN-22-0.img.tar.gz 68e17975bc365a50550c5fea057c680f
VirtualBox RADIUSdesk-2022-A1.ova d24558d47712c966a3542047a925b29a

Instructions For the Pi

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