RADIUSdesk WiFi Hotspot Manager and GUI for FreeRADIUS
MESHdesk Streamlined Mesh Controller

The RADIUSdesk Webtop


Today most people access the Internet through very powerful machines.
These machines usually have a modern browser with many capabilities. Add to this mix a mature toolkit like Ext JS, and you are able to create a complete desktop inside the browser!
RADIUSdesk gives the user the experience of a traditional desktop inside a webpage on their browser.

F11 or not?

The F11 key lets you run the browser in full screen mode. This is beneficial if you are going to work on RADIUSdesk for a long period of time. You may also want to run in full-screen mode if you are displaying some of the applets that auto-refresh to see the latest updates and activities on the system. Another reason to run in full-screen-mode is to impress your friends and show them the latest operating system which you are running ;-)

The program consists of two screens

  • A log-in screen which allow users to identify themselves.
  • A webtop screen which allow users to interact with RADIUSdesk.

Anatomy of the log-in screen

Anatomy of the webtop screen

  • Webtop- Once you are logged in you will see the RADIUSdesk webtop in your browser looking similar to a Windows desktop.
  • Quick Links- The first icons you notice are the links to the applets used daily by most RADIUSdesk users.
  • Further applets can be found under the MENU button, including technical Tools and MESHdesk.
  • You can have multiple applets open on your webtop. Active applets are displayed on the Activity Bar at the bottom of the screen.