RADIUSdesk WiFi Hotspot Manager and GUI for FreeRADIUS
MESHdesk Streamlined Mesh Controller

Skills Required to Install

To install RADIUSdesk from source you need sufficient knowledge and experience on Linux to:

  • Install the Linux operating system
  • Edit text files from the terminal using a text editor like Vi or Nano.
  • Install packages from a repository.
  • Compile software through the configure, make, make install pattern.
  • Be comfortable with the working of TCP/IP networking.

If you are technical, have some knowledge but need to know more about RADIUS in general, have a look at FreeRadius Beginners Guide .
Otherwise you can Contact us

Install RADIUSdesk

RADIUSdesk is typically installed in one of two ways:

  • From source. This can take up to two hours or more.
  • Download and import as a virtual machine. You can have a working RADIUS server in less than 10 minutes!

Download Virtual Machine now from Source Forge


Deploy the VM image

Run RADIUSdesk on Windows!

Install from source on Ubuntu

Ubuntu still seems to be the most popular GNU/Linux distribution for beginners. We will follow the current trend.

  1. Using Nginx (recommended)
  2. Using Apache (alternative)
  3. Install OpenVPN (optional)
  4. Install PPTPD (optional)

Update instructions on Ubuntu

Updating an existing install of RADIUSdesk to the latest version

Install from source on CentOS

RPi 2 Image