RADIUSdesk WiFi Hotspot Manager and GUI for FreeRADIUS
MESHdesk Streamlined Mesh Controller

LUA Libraries

There are a few LUA libraries which we can create LUA objects from. The following list gives an overview of them. They are located under /etc/MESHdesk/lib.

Object class File name Brief description
rdConfig rdConfig.lua Check for availability of configuration server and fetch configuration
rdCoovaChilli rdCoovaChilli.lua Look for CoovaChilli part in config and use that data to set-up or break down CoovaChilli captive portals
rdExternal rdExternal.lua Calls external programs and optionally return their feedback
rdGateway rdGateway.lua Look for a list of breakout points in the configuration file and configure them
rdLogger rdLogger.lua Used by other modules to log data into they system
rdMorse rdMorse.lua Used for flashing Morse codes on the LEDs
rdNetstats rdNetstats.lua Used to gather network statistics to distribute via Alfred back to the configuration server
rdNetwork rdNetwork.lua Used to configure the network part of the configuration returned by the configuration server
rdWireless rdWireless.lua Used to configure the WiFi part of the configuration returned by the configuration server