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Creating Simple Checkout Buttons with Authorize.Net

  • Authorize.Net includes the ability to create very simple Buy Me style buttons.
  • These buttons are only tied to a single item and not as versatile when comparing them for instance to what PayPal offer.
  • They are however ideal if we simply want to offer a user a limited choice of products to select from (e.g. Internet Vouchers).
  • Onother thing to notice is that in the transaction details which we record at the back end there is only the x_catalog_link_id which we have to match up which button was selected.
  • This means that we have to ensure that our description of items has to be tha same in a few places in order to prevent confusion on the buyer's side and gain their trust.

Creating our Buy Me button

  • Log into the Authorize.Net dashboard.
  • Select ToolsSimple Checkout
  • Create a product type button. Take care that the description of the product is the same as that which you specify on the page which will eventually contain the button.
  • Then to get the HTML code of this button; edit the appearance of the button and save it.
  • See the following snippet of HTML:

  • As you can see the button's ID is cf7a04e3-799d-4bb1-a667-e6ed851cf01s.
  • This ID will be supplied by Authorize.Net in the submitted transaction details as the value of x_catalog_link_id.

Now that we have the Buy Now buttons we can move over to RADIUSdesk and complete the plumbing.